Our Company is Now Active in the United States
After 13 successful years in Turkiye, Mentor R&D, Education, and Consulting has expanded its services to the United States.

From Science to the Health Industry

Mentor R&D is a company that has an expert and renowned team, combining experiences in the pharmaceutical, medical, and cosmetic sectors. Our company offers services that cover all steps from drug development process to the reimbursement phase.

We provide consulting services that encompass all stages of R&D and Product Development (P&D), from the design and planning of R&D and P&D activities to their implementation and reporting. Our services offer innovative solutions throughout the entire process.

Consultancy is provided for the preparation of license/approval files in compliance with regulations and ensuring fulfillment of application requirements.

Consultancy services are provided for the preparation of toxicological reports and safety assessments for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and medical devices. PDE reports of active pharmaceutical ingredients are provided by “European Registered Toxicologists”.

We provide consultancy services from initial price quotation applications to sustainable price level research with our expert consultants.

Consultancy services are provided in national and international market access and reimbursement, accompanied by the conduct of pharmacoeconomic analyses and reporting.

Consultancy services are provided for the entire safety evaluation of cosmetic products, starting from the preparation of safety assessment reports, and for the management of approval processes in Turkey and the United States.

Consultancy services are provided in the production, approval and management processes of supplements, including sports support products.

Consultancy services are provided in the production, toxicological risk assessment and approval processes of medical devices.

Strategic support and consultancy services are provided to enterprising pharmacists. It contributes to scientific and professional development in the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industry.

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With our extensive years of experience in the industry, we can provide you with the best service at every stage of the drug development process. By working with us, you can minimize the risks in the drug development process and enhance the success of your product.

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